The aim of our security developments is to create high-security solutions that are based on self-developed hardware and software in case of as many components as possible. Devices that make available the unique encryption of data are one of the largest fields that we are engaged in. These may be used for storing and transferring data and to increase the level of security of other products, e.g. in case of smart city and industrial security products. In addition, we are engaged in the development and sales of special software solutions that improve security by mainly using AI and blockchain technologies.


In case of our encryption solutions, we implement high-security solutions with our self-developed hardware and the related software components – that typically base on FGPA / ASIC, which, in many cases, are customized to suit individual needs. Let’s see a few of our main fields of use.

Building encrypted networks

With our solutions, a high-security, closed data management environment can be built, which allows to build a secure virtualized environment (VDI). In this secure environment, sensitive data, which needs increased protection, can be managed, even in a virtual environment that crosses multiple continents. In addition to particularly high security, high availability can also be ensured.
Thereby, the level of protection of all sensitive network infrastructure and data storage units can be increased, and cyber protection can be improved against both external and internal threats.
In order to implement the above, we use various internationally standardized encryption algorithms, which may be selected by the user depending on the criticality of the transferred data.

Encrypted data storage

The components of the product family are custom-developed external data storage devices, usually ssd, equipped with proper encryption that suits both governmental and military needs. The self-developed control electronics are equipped with external access security solutions, which, in case of an attack, automatically destroy the encryption keys, thus ensuring the physical protection of the stored data.
In addition to encryption via hardware and software, biometric authentication and tamper protection, the versions of the product family also support redundant data storage and offer an FPGA-based solution for unique performance (up to 10Gb/s) and to meet the needs of our customers maximally. Thus, the individual needs of B2B customers can be met and unique white-box solutions may be provided.
In addition to protecting the data stored, we offer a number of related value-added services:
-Secret sharing: P2P encrypted secret sharing in case of multiple individual users.
– Central management of authorization: central device management in case of corporate usage.
– Secure work environment: it is possible to create a completely closed, protected ecosystem (data storage / transmission, communication) by running a secure operating system, in case of individual or collaborative work that requires a high level of security.

Smart switch solutions

The product family of smart switches is a hardware module and bundle of applications that uses biometrics for authentication built into smart phones and thereby it is inexpensive and secure to make access control or other systems biometrically controllable. 
By using this bundle of services, the remote management of users and authorizations can be implemented.
Our system is suitable to completely replace existing authentication systems based on RFID cards, external, however, poor quality fingerprint authentication or numerical authentication or to be an alternative solution therefor.

The product family has versions that may be used in offices/governmental fields and Smart Cities (and it is in compliance with industry 4.0 requirements).

Fields of application

The products described above are mainly used in the following fields:
– Defence industry: storage of security-sensitive data and the secure transfer of such data.
– Hospitals: encrypted storage of patients’ data and the secure transfer of such data between different medical institutions.
– Public institutions: secure communication between document centres, ministries, transfer of customers’ data between different institutions.
– Banking: safe storage of customers’ data, transfer of encrypted data between branch offices.
– Police: securing police databases and communication channels.
– Energetics: protection of the communication interfaces of power plants.
– Education: online learning through encrypted data channels.


With the assistance of experts in the fields of AI, AIOT and development, we are working on solutions to be used in the field of security that may be better solutions for any arising demands than the usual solutions. Typically, we use special solutions based on machine vision and learning to avoid human errors (accidental or intentional) or to perform tasks that cannot be solved with human skills. Let’s see a non-exhaustive list of some fields of application for which we create applications
– detecting weapons
– observing behavioural anomalies
– traffic safety
– aerial reconnaissance
– special recognition of plants
– improving the security of management (in the fields of agriculture, forestry, urban management)

Industrial security solutions

Products for industrial application are also developed from encryption and security products. With respect thereto, you may find further information on the website IndustrialShield.com, which is a website especially created to present such industrial solutions.

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